Monday, December 30, 2013

Marketing 2014: Define Objectives To Customize Success

Each year, marketing campaigns and budgets are created to address the market outreach goals and lead generation objectives of inspired businesses. At times, the marketing budgets are thin, plans are pushed back and the most ambitious of marketing concepts are scrutinized and justified – even rejected.

Other times, marketing budgets are more robust – or, quite frankly, the marketing ambition of the company is too robust to contain – and budgets are built around the latest in online marketing, including social media engagements, as well as traditional marketing and branding. What are your marketing objectives for 2014?

Launching a new product or service that will command your outreach in 2014?
Do you need to create, social media platforms to market your expertise?
Will you focus on content marketing, to boost marketing activities?
Need a branding overhaul to best market services, products and expertise?
How important is branded content to your business?
Know the value of Google+?

These are just a few very random questions out of what should likely be dozens to evaluate and review during the formation of a marketing campaign. All businesses are different – and not every business justifies the value of outsourcing marketing to expert marketers to lead the charge – a serious limitation for many companies looking to tweak key components of their marketing activities.

For some business, 2014 will be perfect timing to launch a new logo and comprehensive corporate branding across all traditional and online spectrums. Others may have tighter budgets, hoping 2014 will deliver a flexible, optimized PPC campaign to drive new business to their doors throughout the New Year. For some companies, a slow and steady marketing pace, with traditional and online marketing activities working in tandem, can be extremely effective.

For other businesses, a rapid-fire social media blitz and content marketing explosion – supported by brand-building visual content and strategically spotted visual search ads and PLA campaigns, thanks to the greatness of Google – will champion epic marketing results.

According to Marketing Sherpa, budgets in 2014 will allocate most marketing dollars to content marketing, landing page optimization, website upgrades, social media, SEO, PPC, email marketing and direct mail. At the bottom of the allocations for marketing in 2014 are broadcast advertising and print advertising.

A MarketingSherpa survey of marketers revealed that content will continue to be king in 2014, with 64% of marketers indicating budgets for content marketing will increase. Also, according to MarketingSherpa, as well as the Content Marketing Institute, more businesses are putting greater budgets into marketing in 2014, especially SMBs. Other industry reports find that, in addition to content marketing, mobile marketing and marketing automation will take big dollars in 2014, all supporting a content marketing surge that will dominate all marketing campaigns.

Whatever your plans are for content marketing, digital marketing and all things marketing for 2014, remember to take the best interests of your business to heart. For more information, or effective branding and marketing concepts ideal for your business, contact The asterism* Group.

Friday, December 20, 2013

4 Social Media Musts In 2014

Social media marketing and organic content strategies will drive marketing campaigns in 2014. What are the four social media musts to keep in mind for maximizing brand awareness and business reputation – not to mention lead generation? From Google+ to visual content marketing, social media platforms will be robust grounds for brand exposure, brand loyalty and overall brand marketing. Deploy these four key strategies – ideally in concert – to master social media for your business in the New Year!

If you thought Google+ was an option for businesses…think again! Google+ is growing in importance, fast. Businesses may find Google+ is a game changer for social media sharing and organic content drives. Do not miss out on Google+ for your business!

LinkedIn Showcase Pages 
With LinkedIn Showcase Pages, businesses can expand their reach beyond current followers by promoting content through Sponsored Updates, enabling brands to directly share from a Showcase Page to members’ feeds on desktop, smartphone and tablet. Businesses will be able to monitor the performance of their Showcase Pages by utilizing LinkedIn’s analytics tools. Best yet, companies will not be charged for creating Showcase Pages—and companies can create up to 10 of them on their own!

Visual Content Marketing
2014 will be the year of visual content marketing, with businesses looking to grow organic follows and build brand awareness by leveraging Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook like never before with infographics, video and anything and everything in between to convey a visual energy. Pictures are powerful, especially on social networks – and businesses are finally getting with it! Yes, B2Bs…that is directed at you! Whether its Vine or YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram, companies that maximize visual opportunities for marketing, sales and brand loyalty will be winners in 2014!

Twitter Power
Tweeting. Following. Oh, the joys of Twitter. But behind the cute blue bird is a very serious marketing machine that is connecting professionals all over the world and literally reshaping the way businesses communicate with clients – and prospective clients! Twitter is a vital marketing engine for B2B companies, as well as consumer businesses and, of course, experts looking to empower their personal brands. Timely tweets with relevant hashtags that leverage great content frequently will give a solid social voice to any business in 2014.

Be ready for major social media madness in 2014 - a divine madness of marketing creativity and social sharing that is poised to, once again, transform the way companies communicate with clients...and the world.

For more information on social media strategies for 2014, contact The asterism* Group!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Content Marketing: Content Strategy Super Success In 2014

Content strategies for marketing, social media and SEO in 2014 are vast – limitless. And extremely necessary! The 2014 buzzword of marketing and online outreach – content marketing – is a mandate for B2B and B2C campaigns right now, with a vibrant energy targeting visual content marketing, brand journalism and content for SEO in 2014.

Recently, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shared expertise for what it sees coming for 2014 – 50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014. Naturally, CMI is not short on content! The highlights of its overview of 2014 content marketing strategies include, but are not limited to, these highlights:

  • Brands begin to realize visibility is a commodity.
  • The volume of content necessary to earn and keep attention will SKYROCKET.
  • Real-time content marketing will become a new goal!
  • Content marketers will discover that it takes more than publishing content to become thought leaders.
  • Content marketing will embrace the use of video and multimedia formats greatly to tell brand stories.

Clearly, content optimization is going to be an overpowering drive in 2014 for progressive marketing campaigns. Content drives leads, converts followers, builds brand advocates, creates a sense of thought leadership – and increases the opportunities a business has for improving organic search results with the god of all that is SEO…Google.

Keep content in mind for 2014! 

What is content?

  • Blogging
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media Optimization
  • LinkedIn Business Showcase Page Optimization
  • Google+ Authorship and Google+ Engagement
  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • Short-Form Videos
  • LinkedIn Updates 
  • Executive Quotes
  • Informative Overlays

In short, the goal for businesses in 2014 is to deploy smart, sharp and persuasive messaging that tells a brand’s story, shares a company’s expertise and builds personal branding and thought leadership! For more information about content marketing, brand storytelling and personal branding, contact The asterism* Group at

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Consumption Conversations: Alaine Portner, Michelle Glover, CJ DiRoma On Success, Branding & Peace!

What's in a simple conversation? Plenty! Consumption Conversations is asking leading creative ninjas in social media, photography, videography and design, as well as savvy entrepreneurs, business networking greats and more, to share their views on everything from building a brand to promoting a business to reading the latest inspirational book.

Available for review, Consumption Conversations, an original, journalistic blog delivered by the editorial and creative team of Consumption Marketing, can be viewed at

Consumption Marketing delivers two business blogs, one on Consumption Marketing updates, news and trends and its very entertaining, Q&A showcase, its sister blog, Consumption Conversations!

Through targeted, unique and entertaining Q&As, Consumption Marketing, a division of The asterism* Group, speaks with leading entrepreneurs, creative executives, marketing ninjas, social media experts, event production champions, professional and personal development stylists. Consumption Conversations truly is an original online resource featuring many great voices!

Featured recently by Consumption Conversations include:

Alaine Portner leads a wellness retreat.
• Alaine Portner is beautiful. You do not have to see her to know this fact about her. Alaine's beauty shines - pure passion, spirituality, wellness, balance. Alaine is so very, very tranquil, open and centered. How can a successful entrepreneur and business owner, dedicated author and gifted medium - did you know Alaine can connect to the "other side" - be so charmingly warm, relaxed and glowingly energized? Who is Alaine Portner? Alaine is the owner of Yoga Center of Medford, NJ, she is a devoted spiritual guide, in the role of medium, to hundreds and hundreds of people throughout the country - and she is a mentor to all she meets. With the launch of her first book on the horizon and a national outreach campaign, Alaine is a woman on a mission - one of peace, love and acceptance all can feel if they allow themselves to UNPLUG!

• After Michelle Glover earned her PhD in Genetics, she discovered she had more of a passion for business and traded in her lab coat for high heels. While working for a Fortune 500 company, Michelle incubated start-ups as serial entrepreneur, founding and co-founding businesses such as: DreamLife Properties, The Tea Oil Tree Review, Alpine View Investments, The Chips and Slime Sandwich. Michelle’s highest desire and calling is to help women in business actualize their dreams.  Her blog on business information and tips can be found at Girl EnTREEpreneur. On Twitter, Michelle is @enTREEpreneurz.

CJ DiRoma & the Station Avenue Girlz!
• CJ DiRoma is a legend. One very savvy ninja diva with a passion for event production, marketing, branding, creative "anything" and a talent for entertainment! CJ DiRoma is Station Avenue Productions, a leading event production firm headquartered in South Jersey and serving all size venues throughout the United States. CJ has worked with legends - Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels and scores and scores of epic greats in the world of music and entertainment. Has she worked with any great comedians? Has CJ ever worked with any great bands? Ever heard of Boyz II Men? Ever heard of Jim Belushi, Lewis Black, Howie Mandel or "Mike & Molly" star Billy Gardell? CJ is not only gifted at envisioning, organizing and producing events of all sizes - from concerts to non-profit galas - she is also "connected" to all the right entertainers to ensure every event gets the right entertainment. As if that were not enough to impress, CJ is also a branding and marketing expert, who, during 2011, founded The asterism* Group, a boutique marketing and creative services firm that includes the talents of Station Avenue Productions. In addition to the proven event production services of Station Avenue, The asterism* Group delivers services with Station's two sister divisions, Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative. Does CJ have too much energy for ONE petite, power player. Probably, but CJ wouldn't have it any other way.

• In 2010, Jill Celeste became an entrepreneur, running her own social media marketing agency called Hound Dog Social Media. Like many creative thinkers, Jill needed to find a way to be one step ahead of her competition. Her business was doing mediocre, at best, and Jill could not figure out why it wasn't attracting ideal clients. Then, it hit Jill – the key to being more successful didn't lie in branding her company; it lied with branding herself. So, being a social media enthusiast and, more important, expert, Jill plugged into all her social media marketing superpowers and created an authentic personal brand that builds her status as a trusted subject matter expert, allowing Jill to network with ideal clients, and have fun and enriching conversations with prospects, customers and peers. Today, Jill has over 3,000 Twitter followers @Jill_Celeste and counting rapidly, and has worked with dozens of leading entrepreneurs and businesses in identifying their core brand and, in the process, empowering their professional opportunities.

• Howard Yermish, one of South Jersey's leading experts on SEO and being SMART, speaks with Consumption Conversations about businesses now looking beyond simple brochure-ware sites. Many are looking beyond gimmicky animations and focusing on showing the character of their organization. Further still, businesses are finding ways to service customers, deliver product, as well as improve internal workflow with their websites. It is different for each business, but the smart ones look for process efficiency, something that software does well.


Consumption Conversations features individual Q&As with diverse, leading business professionals, entrepreneurs and creative leaders. The theme for Consumption Conversations will chiefly focus on marketing strategies, communications campaigns, social media awareness, business event opportunities, public relations techniques and personal creativity expression.

The original blog, created by Consumption Marketing and delivered by Consumption Marketing's editorial and creative staff, will highlight business strategies, as well as personal enrichment stories, to inspire, education, entertain, motivate and energize today's business professionals and entrepreneurs.

For more information on Consumption Marketing: visit

SJ Biz Magazine Names Consumption Marketing Most Popular Full-Service Marketing Agency

SJ Biz Magazine, a leading monthly business publication in the State of New Jersey with a focus on South Jersey business leaders, has recognized Consumption Marketing as the most popular Full-Service Marketing Agency in South Jersey. Consumption Marketing will be featured in the August issue of SJ Biz Magazine in print and online, and on SJ Biz Magazine online throughout September.

Consumption Marketing, a division of The asterism* Group, provides exceptional services in business branding, public and media relations, promotional marketing consultation, business communications and targeted marketing outreach campaigns for B2B and consumer businesses.

Headquartered in Merchantville, New Jersey, minutes from Center City Philadelphia, Consumption Marketing delivers expertise in all elements of effective business marketing and corporate promotion, from press releases to client testimonials, to robust marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and media awareness strategies.

Clients of Consumption Marketing range from B2B organizations to consumer businesses of all sizes - all sharing the common goal of greater client retention and recruitment, combined with elevated public and media relations exposure, internal and external communications consistency and comprehensive marketing platforms to ensure success.

CJ DiRoma, CEO of Consumption Marketing and Founder of The asterism* Group, reports: "Businesses require effective and consistent marketing strategies and communications platform to best convey to existing clients, potential clients and their business communities as a whole the full array of services, expertise, activities and even community endeavors taking place each and every day within their organizations. A business without a plan for marketing is a business without a plan of action. A business without a plan of action is a business without a plan for growth. A business without a plan for growth is a business that will not be in business for very long."

Consumption Marketing offers consultation services and a comprehensive suite of executive services to deliver marketing success to businesses of all sizes and markets of target. Relying on the more than 20 years of professional expertise of its team members - creative designers, public relations specialists, media buying and media relations professionals, promotional marketing experts, communications strategists and cross-platform marketing pros - Consumption Marketing tailors marketing campaigns to best fit the unique requirements and goals of small- to mid-sized businesses operating in the B2B and consumer spaces today.

"Businesses work tirelessly to deliver customer service and support, as well as exceptional products and professional services - but so many businesses fall short when it comes to promoting all of their endeavors, all of their hard work and dedication," DiRoma states. "That is were Consumption Marketing comes in - we remind businesses how important they are and how successful they are and where that success can carry them in the very near future if only they would harness the power of effective business branding and corporate marketing."

For more information on Consumption Marketing, visit The asterism* Group at or The asterism* Group is comprised of three divisions: Station Avenue Productions, Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative.

The asterism* Group is a boutique collective of professional services including event management, event coordination, event planning, event branding, event entertainment coordination, public and media relations, corporate marketing, business branding, graphic design, business and home decor consultation and styling and creative consultation for home and business. Visit today!

The asterism* Group is located in Merchantville, New Jersey, and services clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, California and throughout the United States.

Little Flower Creative Nets "Best Decor & Design" In South Jersey Magazine's BEST OF THE BEST 2013

Little Flower Creative, a division of The asterism* Group, is South Jersey Magazine's Reader's Choice for "Decor & Design" firm in the publication's BEST OF THE BEST 2013 edition.

The interior and exterior home design, everyday and seasonal decor and styling firm received the nod from the publication as a South Jersey favorite for its creative, seasonal and stylish expertise in decorating, staging and designing exceptional, diverse and stunning seasonal looks for South Jersey homes.

"We are honored to be featured by South Jersey Magazine," reports CJ DiRoma, CEO of The asterism* Group, which includes sister divisions to Little Flower Creative - Station Avenue Productions and Consumption Marketing.

Little Flower Creative is a haven for individuals and businesses seeking creative specialists to enhance their existing and future endeavors, including home decorating, residential exterior seasonal decor, as well as personal and business design, branding and marketing.

Little Flower Creative - a South Jersey leader in style for home, style for work, style for professionals - works in tandem to deliver unique personal and business branding strategies with its sister publication, Consumption Marketing - winner of the SJ Biz Magazine "Top Marketing" firm designation for 2013. Services delivered by the creative professionals at Little Flower Creative include: Lifestyle Solutions; Corporate Image; Event Design; Literary Consultancy and Interior & Exterior Design. Little Flower Creative is well-known for exterior and interior seasonal decor and design consulting, including a full-range of professional design services.

"Little Flower Creative is delighted to be showcased by South Jersey Magazine," DiRoma shares. "Design and decor is a passion of Little Flower Creative and, with more than 20 years of decorating, design and styling experience within the professional family of Little Flower Creative, we take the decor and design dreams of our diverse clients very seriously."

For more information on Little Flower Creative, visit The asterism* Group online at LIKE Little Flower Creative on FACEBOOK!


The asterism* Group, headquartered in Merchantville, New Jersey, delivers exceptional professional services ranging from brand development to public and media relations to creative design and creative style consulting for events, corporations, associations and more. The asterism* Group is proudly comprised of Station Avenue Productions, Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative. For more information, visit The asterism* Group online at

The asterism* Group Launches ALL ACCESS VIP

Are you an ALL ACCESS VIP? The asterism* Group, an award-winning creative services firm specializing in event production, marketing, branding and interior design, wants to know! ALL ACCESS VIP is available from the creative minds of The asterism* Group and it is waiting to share expertise, tips, trends, events and opportunities to WIN BIG!

The award-winning asterism* Group, headquartered in New Jersey, delivers exceptional professional services ranging from brand development to public and media relations to creative design and creative style consulting for events, corporations, associations and more. The asterism* Group is proudly comprised of Station Avenue Productions, Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative.

"With ALL ACCESS VIP, we have a great opportunity to connect and share with professionals in diverse areas of expertise and businesses of all sizes," reports CJ DiRoma, CEO and Founder of The asterism* Group. "ALL ACCESS VIP is our way of saying "Thank You" to our tremendous clients and share with all businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals the latest in creative talk, marketing savvy, start-up tips, event advice, branding expertise and more!"

What does The asterism* Group's ALL ACCESS VIP offer:

* Trending news on branding, marketing, social media and more!
* The latest in great events, entertainment and corporate event creativity.
* News and updates from the team at The asterism* Group.
* Your chance to be featured by Consumption Conversations!
* Opportunities to win executive giveaways, event tickets and more!
* Great ways to get "social" with The asterism* Group!

To become an ALL ACCESS VIP:
Register at


1. The asterism* Group is a professional services collective specializing in event coordination, event management, public and media relations, corporate marketing and  branding.

2. The asterism* Group launched in 2011, spring-boarding from diversified services and talents offered by Station Avenue Productions, a leading entertainment coordination and management firm with more than 25 years experience in event entertainment and management.

3. Visitors to The asterism* Group online at will be able to view services, philosophy, press releases, recent activities, images and more. Visitors may also use to connect with The asterism* Group, Station Avenue Productions, Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative on Facebook and Twitter, as well as review unique blogs updated by all of the company's service divisions.

4. Station Avenue Productions, the lead division of The asterism* Group, produces events and coordinates entertainment opportunities for leading venues, non-profit organizations, corporate entities and community organizations throughout the United States, with a targeted focus on New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and California.

5. During late 2011, Consumption Marketing and Little Flower Creative launched, connecting as sister divisions to the well-established entertainment industry veteran Station Avenue Productions and giving rise to The asterism* Group.

6. Consumption Marketing delivers expertise in all elements of effective business marketing and corporate promotion, from press releases to client testimonials, to robust marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and media awareness strategies.

7. Little Flower Creative is a haven for individuals and businesses seeking creative specialists to enhance their existing and future endeavors. Home decorating, business logo development, manuscript review and marketing to publishing firms - all services delivered by Little Flower Creative.

8. The asterism* Group is a unique complimentary group of companies that provide the services you need to bring your BUSINESS to life. In house talent buyers, promoters, event coordinators, producers, public and media relations experts, branding and marketing directors along with creative design services to enhance your home, business or latest project. We provide the creative infusion your projects thirst for - and we do it with style.

9. The asterism* Group are the people who pick out all the brown M&Ms! We are the PR Machine that ensures your message is reaching the right publications and media outlets. Marketing gurus that strategically build your brand. Designers that style your world to match a vision. The good guys in black staging and coordinating your event. We are The asterism* Group and we mean YOUR business!

10. Our event and production teams are the best in the business. We keep the entertainers happy. We keep you happy. Most important, we keep the event running smooth as silk no matter what happens. And believe us, stuff happens! Thankfully, we thrive in the spotlight of center stage chaos and, no matter what; we make sure our events are delivered with top-notch style. Center stage always, baby!